Southern Africa

Come discover the great spectacle of Nature, discovering breathtaking landscapes, prestigious birds and mammals, in this Eden of wild life.



Victoria Falls


In the heart of southern Africa, where the sun paints the sky orange and the earth vibrates to the rhythm of wildlife, our adventure begins. At the wheel of our sturdy 4 x 4, we criss-cross dusty roads that wind through breathtaking landscapes, a symphony of colors and shapes that envelops us at every turn.

Every day is an adventure, a journey beyond horizons, a discovery of the raw beauty of southern Africa. In the murmur of the wind and the silence of the desert, we find a short- lived time harmony with nature, leaving indelible imprints in the sands of time.

Days are transformed into living tableaux, canvases of nature where dense bush stretches as far as the eye can see, punctuated by majestic acacias and age-old baobabs. Each morning, the sun rises with infinite grace, painting the sky in a palette of warm hues, while the wildlife slowly awakens to life.

Our nights are spent under dazzlingly pure starry skies. The campsite becomes our refuge, the perfect backdrop for evenings lulled by the mysterious sounds of the bush. The crackle of the campfire accompanies our stories, lighting up our faces with a warm glow, while the distant echoes of nocturnal animals sound like a secret melody.

The lodges, oases of comfort in the heart of the wilderness, welcome us with warm hospitality. Nestled in strategic locations, these refuges offer a haven of peace after a day’s exploration. Birdsong and the whispering breeze bring a welcome serenity, inviting us to contemplate the moments we’ve experienced.

Safaris become unforgettable chapters in our journey. Aboard an all-terrain vehicle, we venture into unspoilt nature reserves, where leopards, elephants and giraffes reveal themselves in their natural habitat. Each encounter is a silent dance with wildlife, a communion with the majesty of nature.

The hikes take us along secret paths, revealing breathtaking panoramas. Majestic mountains, endless deserts and savannah whisper ancient legends, inviting us to an intimate communion with the breathing earth.